Global Executive
and Personal Assistant

Management assistants and professional secretaries are struggling with an ever-increasing workload in jobs considered among the most difficult, both in the private and public sectors. This unique workshop has been specifically designed for Executive Assistants and...

Global Supply Chain
& Procurement

Every business is faced with competition, as well as the demand to deliver certain required standards. Achieving this goal relies mainly on the Procurement and Supply Chain Management team. Companies need to adopt strategies that can deal with the dynamism and...

Gas Market

Europe, as a major energy consumer, faces a number of challenges when addressing future energy needs. Among these challenges are rapidly rising global demand and competition for energy resources from emerging economies such as China and India; persistent instability...

Global EPC Contract and Risk Management Conference

Today’s Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects are becoming more complex and are being implemented on a much larger scale, with large contract values. Companies need to have a clear strategy on how to draft, manage and negotiate their EPC contracts...

2nd Annual Global Claims Management

The economics of claims management has witnessed tremendous changes over the last decade. It has become imperative for insurers to recognise the complexities associated with technology; innovation; the customer experience and satisfaction; the delivery of express,...