Maarten G. Labberton

Maarten G. Labberton
Director Packaging Group
European Aluminium

Maarten Labberton has been working for several industries including the Dutch Food and Drinks Industry, the International Transport Union and the European Soap and Detergent manufacturers. With a degree in International & European Law and certificates in European Law from the universities of Utrecht (NL) and Leuven (B) Maarten has developed a specific expertise in European environmental legislation, focusing on topics such as sustainability, recycling and recovery and the circular economy. Since 2005 he works as director Packaging Group of European Aluminium, representing the manufacturers of aluminium for packaging. He is coordinating aluminium packaging recycling initiatives in more than 20 European countries and is member of the managing board of ‘Every Can Counts’, a European brand for promoting beverage can recycling, established in 10 European countries. He is also delegate on behalf of the European and international aluminium industry in the European and International standardisation bodies CEN and ISO on ‘Packaging and the Environment’.


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February 7, 2017