Hester Klein Lankhorst

Hester Klein Lankhorst
Netherlands Insitute For Sustainable 


Hester Klein Lankhorst has been Managing Director at the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging since 2013. The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging is founded in order to establish a circular economy for packaging, by developing and sharing fact-based knowledge with all partners in the packaging chain. This is vital while ‘closing the loop’ asks for cooperation by all parties, leading to new business opportunities, less dependency on raw materials and environmental gains.

Her entire career she worked for companies, knowledge institutes and government, to make sustainability a part of the daily business of organizations. She believes sustainability should be included in corporate business models, so these companies will be better prepared to the future and will contribute to the future of our children. She emphasizes that cooperation between companies, knowledge institutes and government is important. In her former roles she used to practice this for the government as Managing Director of the Department Waste and Sustainability at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and of the Department Strategy and Information (Investigation Office) and before that she practiced this for companies. Nowadays she develops and shares knowledge for the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging. She started her career as a lawyer and studied law at the University of Utrecht.


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February 7, 2017