Terms and Conditions

I agree that the following terms and conditions have been read thoroughly and the content is well understood.

Payment Conditions:

  1. Payment should be made in full immediately after submitting the signed booking form.
  2. Payment should always be made in Euros unless indicated otherwise.
  3. Corporate Parity accepts all kinds of credits cards. Although the preferred means of payment is credit card, in a few cases the bank transfer option may be allowed ONLY on condition that the payment is made within 3-4 working days upon receiving the proforma invoice.
  4. The fee of the event includes the possibility to download speakers’ presentations, access to the conference hall & materials, refreshments, lunches and snacks.
  5. Each delegate will be responsible for their own hotel accommodation and travel expenses, however Corporate Parity will negotiate and offer the best possible hotel rates for its delegates in the same 4-star or 5-star hotel in which the event will take place.

Substitution Policy:

Substitution of delegate(s) is possible at any time without any extra fees. Nevertheless, Corporate Parity would need at least 3 days prior to the event to make arrangements for the substitute(s).

Cancellation Policy:

  1. In case a delegate would like to cancel their participation for some unexpected eventualities, such requests must be submitted in written and sent by post 4 weeks prior to the event in order to obtain a full credit note for any future event organised by Corporate Parity.
  2. The fees charged are strictly non-refundable.
  3. If Corporate Parity would decide to cancel an on-going event, the delegate would receive a 100% refund of their payment.
  4. Non-attendance, otherwise referred as a “no show” does not signify cancellation. Corporate Parity will not be held responsible for events cancelled for reasons beyond its control such as natural disasters, accidents, sabotage, trade or industrial disputes, outbreak of disease, hostilities, terrorism, etc. However, a full credit note would be given in each of these cases.

Data Protection:

Corporate Parity agrees to keep clients’ information confidential in its database.

The client gives Corporate Parity the authority to keep their information in its database and use the information in any way necessary in connection with the event, otherwise consent should be sought. Client information will be removed immediately after receiving a written request by post.

PLEASE NOTE: Corporate Parity reserves the right to postpone the event to a later date or make changes to the location or confirmed speakers. If a client decides to cancel their participation for these reasons the client will receive a full credit note which covers the amount paid to attend any future event organised by Corporate Parity.

The hotel information may not be provided at the time of booking but should be ready at least one month prior to the event. In such case, please bear with us.


The information included in any agenda is strictly meant for the company or person who directly received this agenda from Corporate Parity. Under NO circumstance should this agenda be published on the internet or be made available to the general public without the prior consent of Corporate Parity. All intellectual property rights in all materials produced and distributed by Corporate Parity in connection with this event are expressly reserved and any unauthorised duplication, publication or distribution is strictly forbidden.