With healthcare becoming a key sector in the economy, health insurance is now a major class in many
markets. This brings tremendous opportunities as well as challenges to ensure that the standards of
health care service and health insurance meet rising expectations of the public and policyholders.
What is the critical dynamics of the healthcare system? What are the drivers of the business? Who sets
the standards? Is data being adequately collated to set meaningful benchmarks? How can TPAs contribute?
What are innovation areas and methods in health insurance?
That were the topics discussed during our Healthcare Insurance Innovation Summit.

• Life and General Insurance & Reinsurance companies
• Governments and Health Authorities
• International Aid Agencies & Emergency Evacuation
• Healthcare Providers and Third Party Administrators
• Hospitals
• Managed Care Service Providers
• Medical Centres/Institutes/Clinics, R&D and
• Medical, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Companies
• Claims Specialists
• Technology Experts and Solutions Providers
• Healthcare Infrastructure Developers
• Investors and Banks
• Legal and Consulting firms
• Employers and HR Managers dealing with health and
healthcare issues
• Risk Managers, Researchers, Intermediaries,
Suppliers and Service Providers in the healthcare and
medical field

VP, Head, Director, Manager of
 Health Insurance
• Medical Insurance
• Managing Director
• General Manager
• Regional Manager
• Business Development Managers