The economics of claims management has witnessed tremendous changes over the last decade. It has become imperative for insurers to recognise the complexities associated with technology; innovation; the customer experience and satisfaction; the delivery of express, transparent and efficient claims procedures, and so on. Similarly, insurers have to understand that claims management varies in intensity from life insurance, casualty insurance, health insurance and reinsurance – despite the fact that all these segments can be seen as a combination. It is a well-known fact that the future of claims management largely lies on the shoulders of technological advancements, which will significantly enhance the efficiency and sustainability of insurance claims handling. Today, the insurance industry is driven by increased competition, new distribution channels and government regulatory changes in the insurance market.

C-Parity’s 2nd Annual Claims Conference will underscore proactive approaches and favourable claims management systems that need to be initiated in order to stay on top of the competition. The event will provide a strategic platform for renowned speakers to share their experiences by addressing relevant topics that will give your claims department and company a competitive advantage.

Topics that were  discussed:
Regulatory Developments, Compliance and Guidelines for Claims Management
Driving Operational Excellence in Claims Management
Customer Centric Approaches to Claims Management
Emerging Technologies in Claims Handling, What Lies Ahead in the Future?
Monitoring v Fraud Management – Prevention
Strategic Claims Management – the Success Stories

Insurance companies (Life insurance, Health, Motor, Property & Casualty, Liability etc.)
Re-Insurance companies
Solution providers

Top management – CEOs/General Directors, COOs, CFOs
Claims Directors
Claims Managers
Heads of Claims
Claims Operations
Loss Adjusters and Lawyers (Underwriters)
Insurance Specialists/Consultants
Anti-Fraud Units