Europe, as a major energy consumer, faces a number of challenges when addressing future energy needs. Among these challenges are rapidly rising global demand and competition for energy resources from emerging economies such as China and India; persistent instability in energy-producing regions such as the Middle East; a fragmented internal European energy market; and a growing need to shift fuels in order to address climate change policy. As a result, energy supply security has become a key concern for European nations and the European Union (EU).

This Corporate Parity event was a combination of case studies, the panel as discussions and workshops from key experts in the energy industry.

›Natural gas target model: Minimising risk exposure for buyers
›Short term pricing market: How to incorporate short-term pricing mechanisms into gas contracts
›Analysing changing drivers behind gas storage in Europe: What are the effects on pricing?
›Gas trading coping with market imbalance: short-term flexibility vs long-term supply security
›Interoperability in Southeast Europe to facilitate market access
›How will the Groningen gas field affect pricing in the gas market?
›New customers, new markets – how should gas producers adapt to a fast-changing industry?
›A look at the future: What is the demand for LNG in Europe?