Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contract & Project Management


21st and 22nd November 2024 | Barcelona, Spain



Welcome to the 8th Annual EPC Contracts and Project Management Summit, a gathering of industry leaders dedicated to exploring the intricacies of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts. In today’s rapidly changing environment, successful EPC projects require collaboration among various stakeholders, including owners, contractors, vendors, engineers, and regulators. Understanding the complexities of EPC contracts and projects is essential for achieving success.

At this summit, we offer a platform for professionals to exchange invaluable insights and gain the necessary tools and strategies to excel in the realm of EPC projects. Our goal is to serve as a knowledge hub, providing a comprehensive exploration of the entire EPC contract lifecycle, from formation to closeout. Throughout the event, industry experts will share best practices, engage in discussions on effective project management, risk mitigation, and the latest industry trends. Whether you are seeking solutions for project delays, claims, damages, or exploring innovative dispute resolution processes, our lineup of top leaders is ready to provide actionable insights.

Join us in Barcelona for two days of intensive learning, networking, and benchmarking. This event offers a unique opportunity to gain invaluable perspectives, establish meaningful connections, and elevate your approach to EPC contracts and project management. In an environment where complexity is the norm, mastering risk mitigation tools is crucial for mutual profitability and success.

Make sure to mark your calendars for November 21st and 22nd to be part of this transformative event in Barcelona. Don’t miss the chance to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of EPC projects.

Key Topics

– Examining Contract Provisions for Price Increase Protection and Project Execution Impact

– Enhancing Mega-Project Performance through Effective Project Organizations

– Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience through Transparent Contract Structuring

– EPC from a Contractor’s Perspective: Responding to What Owners Are Asking for with a Fair and Balanced Approach

– Project Management Challenges during a Major Project Development

– EPC Contract Negotiation – How to Achieve Optimal Balance between Owner and Contractor

– A new look towards Evolving Project Execution Strategy

– Integrating Sustainability and Environmental Considerations in EPC Projects

– The Evolving Role of Contract Management in Enforcing Compliance Obligations

-Transforming the Engineering & Construction Landscape through Digital Innovation

– Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI): Mitigating Cost Overruns in EPC Projects

– Supply Chain Excellence in the EPC Industry through Procurement Transformation Redesigning the Operating Model

– Selecting the Best Contract Strategy to Ensure a Best-Case Scenario during Negotiation

– Mastering EPC Contracts: Strategies for Success and Dispute Resolution

Who Should Attend:

  • – Heads, Directors, Managers
  • – Projects
  • – Portfolio
  • – Planning Project Management Office
  • – Project Execution
  • – Project Control Mega/Major
  • – Projects & Contract
  • – Procurement
  • – Engineering
  • – Construction
  • – Business Development
  • – Cost Estimation
  • – Capital Investment
  • – Risk Management
  • – legal counsel
  • – General Counsel
  • – Contract Manager
  • – Risk Engineer
  • – Owner, EPCs, Constructors and Engineers and Suppliers

Reasons to Attend the Event:

– Acquire valuable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) industry.
– Stay updated on evolving practices, technologies, and market factors.
– Engage with thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals leading the way in EPC contract and project management.
– Access a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can shape your approach to future projects.
– Connect with top owners, EPCs, engineers, constructors, suppliers, consultants, researchers, and developers.
– Cultivate a robust professional network and explore potential collaborations and partnerships.
– Learn best practices in project management, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution through real-world case studies and examples.
– Gain insights into successful project execution and management strategies.
– Extract lessons from successful case studies on cost management in EPC projects.
– Hear about projects that effectively navigated supply chain constraints and dynamic challenges.
– Stay informed about market factors and constraints influencing the EPC market.
– Discover cost-efficient contracting models that can enhance project efficiency.
– Enhance your professional skills and knowledge through a diverse range of topics covered during the conference.


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