2nd Annual Global Trade Regulatory Compliance Summit

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Export controls have become a high priority for industries in recent years. Governments have started to take a more stringent approach to the topic and are placing a much stronger focus on enforcing export controls to control the flow of data, technology and equipment around the world to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Companies operating in international markets are faced with a multitude of complex rules and regulations that must be complied with in order to trade successfully. Customs and trade legislations, by no exception, have a significant impact on the cross border movement of goods. Today, the efficient and strategic integration of import and export processes into overall business goals, tax planning and supply chain management is crucial to every multinational company’s success in the marketplace.

Corporate parity two-day event would discuss the impact of export controls on technology and software development in a global company through case study presentations, workshops and panel discussions. The event would equally equip participates with the latest differences between the US and EU regulation impacts on software.

[toggle header=”Main topics to be addressed:”]
• Doing Business with Iran – a Changing Regulatory Landscape
• Emerging Markets Regulatory Update
• Update on sanctions relief in the EU
• Managing US Compliance in Europe
• US sanctions challenges
• Sanctions Management
• Latest in Encryption, Cyber and Intrusion Software
• Managing international sanctions compliance programme

[toggle header=”Target Market And Audience:”]
• Financial Services
• Oil & Gas
• Automotive
• IT & Telecommunication
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Energy & Utilities
• Transport & Logistics
• Hospitality
• Government
• Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
• F & B
• Consultancies
• Technology and Software providers

[toggle header=”Who should attend:”]
Vice Presidents, Heads, Officers, Directors, General Counsel, Associate
General Counsel, In- House Counsel, Custom Brokers/ Clearing Agents,
Managers / Specialist of Business Involved in:
• Customs / Export Compliance
• Global / International Trade Compliance
• Export / Import Trade Compliance
• Trade / Regulatory Counsel
• Legal advisers
• Chief executive officers
• Freight forwarders
• Contracts managers
• Managing directors
• Customs controllers
• VAT / Tax / Finance / Logistics / Supply Chain Management