2nd Annual Electricity Price Modelling & Forecasting For The European Market

European electricity price forecasts have become fundamental input to energy companies’ decision-making mechanisms. In view of competition, hourly electricity prices are being determined by a variety of market mechanisms, rather than cost-based engineering calculations. As a result, electric utilities, generators, and traders face a new set of forecasting problems. These challenges are unlike those in other industries, since electricity must be produced at the same time that it is consumed.

Corporate Parity’s two-day event will focus on the array of modelling approaches that can be applied and evaluated for forecasting electricity prices. This forum will provide insight into effective price modeling; differences in short and long-term models; and factors affecting price forecasting such as renewables, weather etc. It will be a combination of case studies, panel discussions and workshops from several key experts in the field.



[toggle header=”Key Topics To Be Discussed:”]

Future Challenges for Modelling Electricity Prices in Europe
European Energy prices and Policy Interference
Modelling Physical Assets
Modelling electricity power prices and market developments
Short Term Up To Day-Ahead Power Forward Prices
Fundamental Model of Electricity Prices
Understanding Structured Weather Options
Price Forecasting in Illiquid Electricity Markets
Impact of the Grid on Short Term Forecasting
Retail Power Pricing
Deep Dive into Various Energy Markets

[toggle header=”Target Market and Audience:”]
Power Generation Companies
Energy Trading Companies
Banks (Commodity/Energy Trading)
Clearing Houses
Relevant Regulators and Associations
Consultancies, Software & Solution Providers

[toggle header=”Who Should Attend:”]
VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Analysts of:
Middle (Mid) Office
Market/Electricity Analysis
Quantitative Analysis
Portfolio Management/ Optimisation